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GB-190815901-A: An Improved Clip or Fastener applicable for securing Bootlaces and Neckties. patent, GB-190816189-A: Improvements in Railway Rail-joints. patent, GB-190817193-A: Trivet and Flat Iron Hanger Combined. patent, GB-190817809-A: Magneto- electric Igniting Device with Asymmetric Polar Pieces patent, GB-190819643-A: Improvements in Regulating Apparatus or Governors for Steam or Gas Turbines. patent, GB-190820519-A: Improvements in Rings for Racing Pigeons. patent, GB-190821715-A: Improvements in and relating to Cloth and like Measuring Machines. patent, GB-190822294-A: Improvements in Covers for Stop-taps, Hydrants, and the like. patent, GB-190824985-A: Improvements in Plugs for Pipes and Tubes. patent, GB-190825653-A: Improvements relating to Pumps for Beer and other Liquids. patent, GB-190825664-A: Improvements in Collar Studs or similar Fastenings. patent, GB-190827812-A: Improvements in or relating to Aeroplanes, Flying Machines, and the like. patent, GB-190827983-A: An Improved Crank Shaft for Steam Engines and other purposes. patent, GB-190901270-A: Improvements in Telephone Exchanges. patent, GB-190901311-A: Improvements in and connected with Railway Signalling and the like Apparatus. patent, GB-190901851-A: Improvements in Automatic Fire Arms. patent, GB-190903588-A: Improvements in Means for Automatically Regulating or Controlling the Current and Speed of Eletric Motors for Rolling Mills and the like. patent, GB-190903873-A: Improved Brake for Motor and other Vehicles. patent, GB-190904700-A: Improvements in Mowing Machines. patent, GB-190905025-A: An Improved Developing, Washing, Toning, or like Purpose Photographic Apparatus. patent, GB-190906185-A: Improvements in and relating to Door Fastenings. patent, GB-190906699-A: Improvements connected with Caps or Stoppers of Spirit Flasks and similar Bottles and Containers. patent, GB-190906863-A: Improvements in Hoisting and Lowering Gear. patent, GB-190909419-A: A Device for Indicating Variations from Synchronism in Speed between a Kinematograph and a Gramophone, or other Two Instruments when Working in Conjunction patent, GB-190909639-A: Improvements in connection with Traversing and Elevating Gear for Ordnance. patent, GB-190909726-A: Bottle Blowing Machine. patent, GB-190912246-A: Improved Process and Apparatus for Freeing Water from its Contained Iron. patent, GB-190912477-A: Improvements in Electric Insulators. patent, GB-190915858-A: Improvements relating to Gravity Roller Conveyers. patent, GB-190916630-A: Improvements in and relating to the Regulation of Electric Installations. patent, GB-190918228-A: Safety Electric Connector Plug. patent, GB-190918771-A: Improvements in or relating to Electrical or Electrically Operated Fire Alarms. patent, GB-190919908-A: Improvements in Pneumatic Locking Apparatus for Railway Carriage and other Doors. patent, GB-190920279-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Lavatory Basins. patent, GB-190921259-A: Improvements in and relating to Handle bars for Cycles and the like. patent, GB-190921912-A: Machine for Removing the Fat and Mucus from Intestines. patent, GB-190923700-A: Improvements in Buttons. patent, GB-190924161-A: Improvements in Stoppering Appliances for Bottles and Jars. patent, GB-190924498-A: Method of Utilising the Gases resulting from Reduction Operations carried out in Electric Furnaces, and Electric Furnaces for carrying out the same. patent, GB-190925918-A: Improvements in Regulating Devices particularly applicable to Weighing or like Apparatus. patent, GB-190926597-A: Improvements in Machinery for Making Wire Bound Box Blanks. patent, GB-190928658-A: Improvements in Sheet Delivery Apparatus for Printing Machines. patent, GB-191003430-A: Improvements in and relating to Stoves or Boilers of the "Box or Horseshoe" Type for Heating Greenhouses and other Structures. patent, GB-191003831-A: patent, GB-191003854-A: patent, GB-191004231-A: Improvements in Hydraulic Drills. patent, GB-191004742-A: Improvements in connection with Trip Valve Gears for Steam Engines. patent, GB-191006961-A: Improvements in Ladies' Collar Studs. patent, GB-191007317-A: Pipe Cleaning Machines. patent, GB-191007883-A: Improvements in Boilers for Domestic Fireplaces. patent, GB-191012296-A: Improvements in and relating to Gas Purifiers and the like. patent, GB-191012977-A: Improvements in and relating to Tobacco Pipe Fillers. patent, GB-191013532-A: New or Improved Bedstead chiefly applicable for use in Hospitals and like Places. patent, GB-191014099-A: Improvements in Vacuum Cleaners. patent, GB-191014505-A: Improvements in, or in connection with, Electric Drills. patent, GB-191014966-A: An Improved Shackle. patent, GB-191015465-A: Umbrella and Walking Stick Handles. patent, GB-191018479-A: An Improved Process of Rendering Jute Woolly. patent, GB-191018960-A: An Improvement in or relating to Dust or Ash Bins. patent, GB-191019100-A: Improvements in Electric Heating Apparatus for Baths, Washing Machines and the like. patent, GB-191019281-A: Improved Water Heating and Circulating Appliances. patent, GB-191019350-A: Manufacture of Alkyl Esters of Di-iodo-fatty Acids of High Molecular Weight. patent, GB-191020756-A: Improvements relating to Photographic Dark Slides patent, GB-191021374-A: Potato Steamer. patent, GB-191021472-A: An Improved Drier for Potatoes and Wet Food for Cattle, and for Chemical Products. patent, GB-191021649-A: An Apparatus for Preventing Railway Carriage Doors Opening except the Train be at the Platform. patent, GB-191022168-A: Improvements in and connected with Coin Freed Gas Meters. patent, GB-191022945-A: Improvements in Reversing Mechanism. patent, GB-191025860-A: An Improved Spring Suspension for Vehicles. patent, GB-191026424-A: Air Chest and Valve for Rock Drills. patent, GB-191027483-A: Improvements in and relating to Turbine or like Blading. patent, GB-191029418-A: Improved Formation of Flanges on Cast Metal Valve Boxes, Pipes and the like. patent, GB-191029986-A: Improvements in Locks for Metal Windows. patent, GB-191101247-A: Improved Process and Apparatus for Indigo Dyeing. patent, GB-191101308-A: An Improved Method and Means for Feeding Sheets in Perfect Register to Printing Machines. patent, GB-191105249-A: Improvement in Navigational Sounding Instruments. patent, GB-191105260-A: An Improved Construction of Cutter for Forming Holes in a Sheet of Lead, Lead Alloy or other comparatively Soft Material. patent, GB-191106269-A: New and Improved Valve. patent, GB-191106286-A: Improvements in and relating to Key Buttons for Typewriters and similar Machines. patent, GB-191106903-A: An Improved Air-and-Mixture Valve Device for Carburettors for Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-191108433-A: Improvements in Coin-freed Machines. patent, GB-191109349-A: Improvements relating to Irradiance Coils. patent, GB-191109442-A: Improvements in and relating to Joints or Couplings for Connecting Side-cars and the like to Cycles. patent, GB-191109766-A: Improvements in Chimney Pots and the like. patent, GB-191112446-A: Improvements in or relating to a Device or Apparatus for Opening Tins, Cans and other such Articles. patent, GB-191113491-A: Improvements in Manure Spreaders. patent, GB-191114277-A: Improvements in or relating to Gas Heated Furnaces and the like. patent, GB-191114932-A: Improvements in and relating to Flower Holders for Buttonholes and the like. patent, GB-191115327-A: Improvements in and relating to Bedstead Fittings. patent, GB-191115426-A: Process of Making Type Matter and Sorting the Matter into Groups by Means of Perforated Bands and Apparatus for carrying out the same. patent, GB-191115640-A: Improvements in Automatic Railway Signalling Apparatus. patent, GB-191117145-A: Improvements in Malt Houses for the Treatment of Barley and other Grain. patent, GB-191117483-A: Improvements in Breech-loading Guns. patent, GB-191118624-A: Improvements in Device for the Prevention of Overspeeding and Overwinding in Colliery Winding Engines, Hoists, and the like. patent, GB-191118861-A: Improved Automatic Steering Mechanism. patent, GB-191119522-A: Improvements in and relating to Wheels for Vehicles. patent, GB-191120807-A: Improvements in Heating by the Circulation of Hot Water. patent, GB-191121506-A: Improvements in Packing Cartridges and Explosives. patent, GB-191122983-A: Improvements in Intercommunication Telephone Systems. patent, GB-191123255-A: Improvements in and relating to the Means for Connecting Tubular Members Together or Rods or Terminals thereto. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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